Kindergarten Boot Camp

Kindergarten Boot Camp

Launched August 2020, United Way partnered with Idaho Falls School District #91 to run the first Kindergarten Boot Camp in our region. Our Goal was to help incoming Kindergarteners familiarize themselves with their classroom, build and develop healthy social skills, and introduce language and numerical concepts.

Our first camp had 16 student participants at Hawthorne Elementary School in Idaho Falls. Assessments of students and survey's from parents, teachers and administrators showed this pilot a success! Observations include:

  • On both the pre and post survey we asked parents/caregivers to rate on a scale 1 to 5 how comfortable they felt leaving their child at school. We found that initially 52% felt completely comfortable leaving their children to 79% by the end, a 51% increase.
  • We observed an overall improvement of the class’s behavior based on behavioral checks that monitored their ability to listen to instructions, to work and play well with others, to express emotions and needs through appropriate language and actions, and to separate from parents.

United Way of Idaho Falls and Bonneville County expects to significantly expand this program into other schools and other counties. If you would like more information about Kindergarten Boot Camp contact Anna Kimbro at or 208-522-2674.

“This was a very good idea. All my concerns about sending my first child to school have gone away because of this program” -Parent of Kindergarten Bootcamp participant.

Kindergarten Boot Camp Grads