Board of Directors

People wearing Live United tshirts.

United Way of Idaho Falls & Bonneville County is a volunteer-led organization governed by a board of directors. United Way appreciates the tremendous support and valuable leadership provided by our volunteer board — all of whom are dedicated to rebuilding a more equitable, resilient, happy and prosperous community. Our board represents a diverse group of people, industries and professions throughout the Eastern Idaho area. The board represents United Way in the region, brings the public voice to the organization’s decision-making, and is charged with stewardship and accountability to maintain the trust of the community.

Executive Committee

Barbara Morris

Board Chair - Community Member

Nickey Lawson

Vice Chair - INL / Battelle Energy Alliance

LeAnne Bourne

Treasurer - Citizens' Community Bank

Carolyn Yela

Secretary - Veterans Affairs


Other Committees

Rich Lyons

Data and Metrics Chairs

Barbara Morris

Live United Summer Concert Series

Nickey Lawson, Brian Ziel

Community Solutions Panel

Board Members

Brian Ziel

INL/Battelle Energy Alliance

Doug Crabtree

ISU Professor

Kenneth Whitham

Idaho Environmental Coalition

Carolyn Johns

Veteran Affairs

Gabriel Ilevbare

INL/Battelle Energy Alliance

Gail Rochelle

Community Member

Ron Crone

INL/Battelle Energy Alliance

Nick Manning


Nick Smith

INL/Battelle Energy Alliance

Nickey Lawson

INL/Battelle Energy Alliance

Rich Lyons

BWX Technologies

Terese Bonney

Community Member

Yari Labara

Teton Auto Group

Christine Lee

Community Member