Board of Directors

People wearing Live United tshirts.

United Way of Idaho Falls & Bonneville County is a volunteer-led organization governed by a board of directors. United Way appreciates the tremendous support and valuable leadership provided by our volunteer board — all of whom are dedicated to rebuilding a more equitable, resilient, happy and prosperous community. Our board represents a diverse group of people, industries and professions throughout the Eastern Idaho area. The board represents United Way in the region, brings the public voice to the organization’s decision-making, and is charged with stewardship and accountability to maintain the trust of the community.

Executive Committee

Ron Crone

Board Chair - INL / Battelle Energy Alliance

Barbara Morris

Vice Chair - Community Member

LeAnne Bourne

Treasurer - Citizens' Community Bank

Carolyn Yela

Secretary - Veterans Affairs


Other Committees

Nickey Lawson

Community Solutions Panel Chair

Jim Schroeder, Rich Lyons

Data and Metrics Chairs

Barbara Morris

Live United Summer Concert Series

Board Members

Brian Ziel

Mountain View Hospital/Idaho Falls Community Hospital

Doug Crabtree

ISU Professor

Kenneth Whitham

Idaho Environmental Coalition

Carolyn Johns

Veteran Affairs

Gabriel Ilevbare

INL/Battelle Energy Alliance

Gail Rochelle

Community Member

Jim Schroder

Retired Community Member

Nick Manning


Nick Smith

INL/Battelle Energy Alliance

Nickey Lawson

INL/Battelle Energy Alliance

Rich Lyons

BWX Technologies

Terese Bonney

Community Member

Yari Labara

Teton Auto Group