2022-23 Agency Application


This is an invitation only grant program. Use this application only if you have completed an LOI and been asked to submit a full application.

You should have received a 2022-23 Grant Application and Budget Form in your email inbox if you have been officially invited to participate in this year's grant application process. We are excited to invite you to apply for 2022/23 grant funding through United Way’s Community Fund!


The Application deadline will be April 15th,2022 at 5PM. 


This year we are trying to get a better picture of specific line items that United Way grant Funds that help to support within your organization. The first column is for your current organization operations budget, second column is to be filled out if you are requesting program support. The third column is to better understand where the UW funds will be used under your expense categories. 

United Way looks forward to receiving your application!

Please contact our office at 208-522-2674 if you have any questions or concerns.