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American Red Cross

2017 Allocation - $19,730 for (1) Disaster Response & Relief and (2) Home Fire & Emergency Preparedness Program

Red Cross provides immediate help to families who lose a home to fire or other disaster, as well as training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid, and other safety and rescue techniques. Helps up to 5,000 people per year. The Red Cross, in partnership with fire departments, United Way and other local volutneers and groups, visits homes installing free smoke alarms, providing fire prevention and safety education to prevent needless tragedies.

Boy Scouts, Grand Teton Council

2017 Allocation - $28,855 for At-risk Scouting and Underserved Scouting Programs in Bonneville County and the Upper Valley

Through character-building activities Boy Scouts emphasizes self-reliance, teamwork, individual responsibility, community service, and patriotism while teaching numerous social skills, outdoor skills and physical fitness.

Civil Air Patrol, Eagle Rock Squadron

2017 Allocation - $6,900 for the Eagle Rock Squadron Cadet Program

The unit trains for emergency service missions to support local, state, and federal operations. Involving 51 senior members and 52 cadets, our cadet program uses Emergency Services and Aerospace Education to facilitate leadership training in our local youth. CAP boasts the largest fleet of single-engine; piston aircraft in the world and its search-and-rescue efforts save approximately 100 lives a year. CAP also gives teenagers hands-on training in leadership, teamwork, aerospace studies and self-discipline.

CLUB, Inc. 

2017 Allocation - $15,912 for the CLUB Drop-in Center

CLUB’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families in our community through counseling, medication management and addictive disorders treatment as well as community outreach, rehabilitation, crisis intervention, education and mental health evaluations. The organization also strives to provide stable housing, as it is recognized as a critical part of well being for an individual or family working to overcome various difficulties in their lives. CLUB provided help for 725 individuals with clinical counseling, adoptive services and educational programs.

Development Workshop, Inc.

2017 Allocation - $33,632 for (1) The School of Human Resource Solutions; (2) Rexburg Vocational Services & Scholarships; Scout Explorer Post 599

Development Workshop is, first and foremost, a community rehabilitation program, providing vocational training, paid employment, and placement services to individuals with disabilities.  Our mission is “to assist individuals who have a disability or who are disadvantaged to recognize and to achieve their chosen level of economic and social independence." On any given day more than 100 people report for work at our three manufacturing facilities located in eastern Idaho.  More than 75% of our direct labor workforce is made up of individuals striving for greater independence. We manufacture a wide variety of products under contract for private industry including many prominent names in the sporting goods industry, automotive aftermarket, cosmetics, and government agencies like the U.S. Department of Energy, General Services Administration, U.S. Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers, and Social Security Administration, among others.


2017 Allocation - $68,561 for the Forensic Response Team Program

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center (DVSAC) is a private non-profit organization with decades of experience providing help and care for children and adults affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. We also assist survivors of homicide as they learn to cope with the loss of a loved one and integrate the new realities of their lives as individuals and as a family.

DVSAC staff and volunteers seek to overcome the stigma often experienced by those affected by domestic violence, teen dating violence, and sexual assault. DVSAC serves over 750 victims of violent crime yearly; this includes babies, children, teens, adults and the elderly.

The goal of DVSAC is to reduce the tolerance for violence within our community by providing public education; these crimes are preventable. Together, as a community, we can change the way violent crimes are viewed, tolerated and increase prevention.


2017 Allocation - $53,292 for (1) Child Abuse Prevention; (2) Head Start & Early Head Start programs; (3) Senior Services; (4) Retired & Senior Volunteers Program, and (5) The Haven GED Tutoring Program

The Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership (EICAP) mission statement declares that EICAP helps and empowers at-risk individuals and families to meet their basic needs and increase their independence through support and education.

Two of their most prominent school programs are Head Start for pre-school aged children and the Haven for GED tutoring. Head Start is a preschool program for families with children ages 3 to 5. EICAP operates six Head Start centers in eastern Idaho. Two centers are in Idaho Falls and the others are in Blackfoot, Driggs, Rexburg, and Salmon. Head Start is the nation’s premier pre-school program differing from others because services are not limited to the classroom or the child. Our support staff works with the entire family, helping parents to understand their importance as their child’s first and most important teacher. Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education as well as continue their own. Additionally, parents learn to set goals for their family to improve their own self-sufficiency.

Family Crisis Center

2017 Allocation - $13,435 for Food Pantry Program

The Family Crisis Center is a public non-profit agency incorporated in February of 1987. Our mission statement is: The Family Crisis Center promotes and provides safety to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault while engaging the community.

The Family Crisis Center serves victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Madison, Jefferson, Fremont, and Clark counties, approximately 4,500 square miles. We serve both English- and Spanish-speaking residents.

Featuring a 24-hour crisis line and advocates who are available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we aim to serve victims in their time of need and to work with other agencies, from law enforcement to health professionals. Our services include emotional and court advocacy, assisting in providing material needs such as food and clothing, and some child services as of spring 2015. In 2014, we served over 800 members of our community affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Foster Grandparents

2017 Allocation - $2,633 for Delivery of Services

The Foster Grandparents program provides a stipend to support volunteer opportunities for low-income folks better than age 55. The purpose of the volunteer service is to provide tutoring and mentoring to children one-on-one or in small groups in an elementary school setting or in the Head Start program though Eastern Idaho Community Action Partners.

Girl Scouts, Silver Sage Council

2017 Allocation - $16,917 for Girl Scout Leadership Experience in Bonneville County

In Bonneville County, the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage serves 393 girls and 235 volunteers with a variety of programs and activities that promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills and applied education through an inquiry-based learning environment that helps girls explore passions and develop new interests. Special topic education programs include STEM, business skill building, money management, environmental stewardship, anti-bullying, healthy living and positive values, just to name a few.

Hospice of Eastern Idaho

2017 Allocation - $48,922 for End of Life Care / Bereavement

Hospice of Eastern Idaho is committed to improving the quality of life of the terminally ill and their families through a holistic and individualized care plan using the most modern philosophies and techniques in medical care, psycho-social, spiritual and bereavement services.                                                                                 

As the area’s only not-for-profit hospice, the Hospice of Eastern Idaho is transforming end-of-life care in our community.  In addition to the already expert care provided to patients with our program wherever they reside, seriously ill individuals now have an additional option for receiving hospice care. 

Additional Services provided by Hospice of Eastern Idaho include:
medical equipment loans, grief resources and support groups, education in the community about advanced directives, supporting veterans with end of life issues and grief.

Idaho Falls Rescue Mission

2017 Allocation - $24,877 for (1) The City of Refuge men’s shelter; (2) Evergreen Emergency Shelter; and (3) FAITH (Family Assistance in Transitional Housing)

The Idaho Falls Rescue Mission (IFRM) is a nonprofit organization that makes a huge impact on homelessness in eastern Idaho by providing safe and sober shelter, food, clothing, life coaching, access to programs and services to homeless men, women and families to help them become healthy, contributing community members. IFRM provides emergency shelter and some longer-term (up to 2 years) transitional housing to approximately 150 people daily through five shelters: Ruth House, Evergreen Emergency Shelter, City of Refuge, the Ark, and F.A.I.T.H (Family Assistance in Transitional Housing). They serve about 100 evening meals daily, 365 days per year, to their residents and others who are hungry, as well as giving food boxes to community residents who have other shelter, but need food.

Idaho Legal Aid Services

2017 Allocation - $11,941 for provision of legal services, guardianships

Our mission is to seek equal justice for the underprivileged. Our purpose is to provide legal representation and community education to low income Idahoans. Every year we help thousands of Idahoans with critical legal problems such as escaping domestic violence and sexual assault, housing, guardianships for abused/neglected children, legal issues facing seniors, and discrimination issues.

Senior Citizens Center - Idaho Falls

2017 Allocation - $25,931 for the Nutrition Program

The Idaho Falls Senior Citizens Community Center (known as Idaho Falls Senior Center) provides home delivered meals seven days a week! Hot nutritious meals are home-delivered to 180 senior citizens and disabled adults Monday thru Friday and frozen meals delivered Thursday and Friday in preparation for the weekend.  Meals are also served Monday through Friday in house at the Senior Center to 50-75 senior citizens and disabled adults.

The center also provides a variety of classes and activities including fit and fall proof, line dancing, woodcarving, cards and foot care assistance.

Senior Citizens Center - Madison County

2017 Allocation - $1,792 for Meals

The Madison County Senior Citizens Center is located close to the heart of downtown Rexburg. In the past year, this center provided 215 senior citizens with hot meals, arts and crafts, recreation and transportation.

Senior Citizens Center – Rigby

2017 Allocation - $8,955 for Meals on Wheels

The Rigby Senior Citizens Center provides social and nutritional services to 900 senior citizens.

Senior Citizens Center - South Fremont

2017 Allocation - $5,971 for Congregate & Home Delivery Meals

Home delivered meals are available seven days a week! Meals are home-delivered to 35 senior citizens receive daily, while100 senior citizens congregate and 75 senior citizens participate in recreational activities.

The Center for Hope

2017 Allocation - $31,843 for Volunteer & Peer Support Services

The Center for HOPE is a non-profit Community Recovery Center in Idaho Falls providing free recovery support services to adults over the age of 18. It is a partnership between people in recovery, family members, allies and local organizations who respect the dignity and equality of all people and who are dedicated to promoting healthy communities.

The Salvation Army

2017 Allocation - $34,911 for (1) Rent & Utility Assistance; (2) Food Pantry, and (3) Prescription Assistance

The Salvation Army provides a variety of services including but not limited to meals, food, clothing, bus vouchers and other assistance to 46,561 people in the Idaho Falls and Bonneville County area.

Upper Valley Friendship Club

2017 Allocation - $3,097 for (1) Recovery Meetings Venue and (2) Recovery and Skills Development Workshops

The Upper Valley Friendship Club provides a self-contained meeting place for Alcoholics Anonymous, Alateen, Narcotics Anonymous and other 12-step self-help groups.


2017 Allocation - $38,349 for (1) Child Care Program; (2) School Age Program, and (3) Big Elk Lodge

The YMCA provides 404 children with child care services and programs. The YMCA provides child care help for single-parent families, low-income families, and others, allowing wage earners to know their children are safe and well cared for while the parents are earning a living.