2017 Book Drive

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What: Idaho-wide United Way Children’s Book Drive

When: April 10-14, 2017

Where: Book Drive efforts will be seen across our community.

DROP OFF LOCATIONS                                                     DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS

Idaho Falls

Bank of Idaho - 1800 Channing Way                                                                                News Release

Bank of Idaho - 399 N. Capital Ave                                                                                  Flyer for Barnes & Noble Bookfair

United Way Office -  330 Shoup Ave, Suite 202                                               8.5x11 Poster

US Bank - 585 1st Street                                                                                  11x17 Poster

US Bank - 330 Shoup Ave                                                                               Collection Box Sign                                                                                                                            

ICCU - Broadway Branch – 169 Houston Circle                                               Collection Box Sign - vertical                                   

ICCU - Sunnyside Branch – 3330 South 15th East                                         

Starbucks – 900 E 17th St                                                                             

Starbucks – 157 Houston Circle

Villa Coffeehouse – 344 Park Ave


US Bank - 183 S State St


US Bank – 77 E Mail St

ICCU – 673 North 2nd East


Why: Focus on educating community members about the dire issues associated with summer learning loss for low-income children and provide community members with an opportunity to become part of the solution by donating a new or gently-used children’s book.

Who: Providing community members, corporate partners, small businesses, faith and civic organizations a way to engage with United Way by giving, or helping collect and distribute books to low-income children throughout Idaho.

How: The United Way Week of Action Book drive provides a real, tangible solution to those who are eager to make a difference in the lives of low-income children in our community.

Know the Facts: Summer Learning Loss (aka Summer Slide) Statistics

  • In Idaho, low-income homes average only 1 book for every 300 children.  By comparison, in middle and high-income homes, each child has an average of 50 books. (Book It Forward, 2014)
  • 85% of children in the juvenile justice system are functionally illiterate.
  • Kids who only read in school will rarely be great readers. The availability of reading material in the home is directly associated with children’s achievement in reading. (Book It Forward, 2014)
  • Reading proficiently is the most significant indicator of academic success.
  • Low-income children experience greater summer learning losses than their higher-income peers. On average, middle-income students experience slight gains in reading performance over the summer months. Low-income students experience an average summer learning loss in reading achievement of more than 2 months.
  • Differences in a child’s summer learning experiences during his or her elementary school years can impact whether that child ultimately earns a high school diploma and continues on to college. [McLaughlin, B., & Smink, J. (2009, June). Summer learning: moving from the periphery to the core. The Progress of Education Reform, 10 (3).]
  • Inability to read is a high indicator of dropping out, not going on to post-secondary education.
  • Successful readers make productive and engaged citizens who make positive contributions to communities and society.Successful readers put less strain on social services and taxpayers and, instead, contribute to society by volunteerism and paying taxes.

Interested in getting your workplace, small business, faith or civic orgainzation involvded in the efforts to collect and distibute books, please contact 522-2674.